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The association Foment de la Rumba Catalana (FORCAT) is a nonprofit organisation that works for the promotion and recognition of the Catalan Rumba –also known internationally as Gypsy Rumba- in its various musical and social expressions. FORCAT gathers artists, researchers, music lovers, promoters and other people linked to the Catalan Rumba and/or the social milieu where this musical genre is located. This organisation aims to become an associative reference within its field, getting together the different sectors involved in this sociomusical phenomenon, sharing experiences and coordinating efforts for its consolidation and expos events in order to consolidate and expose this phenomenon.

The Catalan Rumba –or Gypsy Rumba- is a musical genre born in the 20th century within the Catalan Gitano (Gypsy) communities, who inhabit the main localities of Catalonia, the Valencian Country, the Balearic Islands, and the south half of France. This genuine creation is the result of a particular fusion of the Gypsy Flamenco tradition with the musical influences coming from America, and it became known in the mid-20th century by undergoing a public and commercial outcome that has made Catalan Rumba one of the Catalan cultural products with most international exposure. Artists like Peret, El Pescadilla and Chacho, and later Los Amaya, Rumba Tres, Chango, Gato Pérez, Gypsy Kings or Los Manolos, are the main roles of a musical style that has endured enjoying good health and that nowadays is claimed and practiced by Gitanos (Gypsies) and Paios (Non-Gypsies) alike.

In FORCAT we believe that the Rumba is an irreductable part of the Catalan cultural heritage and we work for its social and institutional recognition, claiming for it to be declared a Catalan popular and traditional music. Besides this symbolic purpose, FORCAT also aims to the recognition of the main Rumba artists, the presence of Rumba in the main stages of the country, the international exposure of the genre, the promotion of the emerging artists and bands, the development of pedagogic materials and the encouragement of research.


These targets converge in an actual demand: the Casa de la Rumba, a public space from where those initiatives arise and spread and that becomes a reference point for the Catalan Rumba as a sociomusical phenomenon.

The association FORCAT welcomes everyone sharing our common project for the promotion and recognition of Catalan Rumba. We are delighted to invite you to participate in our activities and initiatives, and we encourage you to join the organisation. For any further information or proposals of any kind, please do not hesitate to contact us at or check regularly our website



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